Fatiha Selmi

Renata Marijetić

Antistress program

Suzana Nikolić

Chronic pancreatitis

Sandi Miličević

I have no words to express my satisfaction with Ayurvedic treatment at the New Earth Center. I came to the Center because I…


I have no words to express my satisfaction with Ayurvedic treatment at the New Earth Center. I came to the Center because I no longer had the strength… I suffered total lack of energy from Hashimoto. Doctor recognized the problem immediately and prescribed 2 weeks of Panchakarma, diet and herbal remedies. During therapy I lost 11 pounds, which made me very happy. 🙂 I’m not tired anymore, I look much younger and my life energy is back. I’m only sorry I didn’t take the before and after photo… Many thanks to everyone at the Center !!! You are a great team and Panchakarma is a great method. I’ll come back and recommend you to all my friends. You guys are the top!

Treatment of children

Ivan Posavec

Today we came for check up with our son Fran (6.5 yrs). Since we have been visiting Ayurvedic center Fran’s motor skills have improved, he has developed self-control and improved concentration. Also, he had problems with the immune system and often had tonsillitis, but that part has also drastically improved and all the problems in the respiratory system have been removed as well. We will continue following Ayurvedic tips so that our child can improve even more on the physical and mental level.

Lifestyle changes

Tomislav Pukšec

Since I’ve been visiting the Center, today I got the most difficult part in the whole process: to describe how I feel and what I’ve gotten at this place! In short, I’ve gotten everything that in this world a man should and can get, and that’s health and the opportunity for a new life, and it’s up to me to continue maintaining it which is not difficult to me at all, but on the contrary, I enjoy every second of it and I would like to recommend the Center to anyone who wants to begin to live, regardless of age and disease. Just to mention that I suffered from psychosis and disc hernia plus several other diseases of the spine! From the heart, thank you!!!

Treatment of bronchitis

Jasminka Politeo

Today I brought my son Jere (5 yrs) for the medical check-up and I am very pleased with the results. I first came in June because of my son who has bronchitis and every two months because of attacks he has to go to the emergency room, where he gets an injection and, thereafter, unavoidably even two to three inhalations. After the therapies and advice that I got here he has not gone to ER, and he has taken Ventolin only 3 – 4 times. My son is now much better and I am very satisfied and will be coming regularly for check-up and stick to the Ayurvedic therapy because only it’s the only thing that has helped him so far. Thanks a lot!

Abhyanga & shirodara


Ayurveda is really a discovery, wonderful discovery. After each abhyanga and shirodhara I feel like I’m floating. Before the treatments, I was constantly tired and apathetic, and now I am full of energy. I started to lose my weight after a long time. I feel great. Thank you all for the great effort and kindness.

Ayurveda as an alternative to Western medicine

Maida Selmanović

For a long time I’ve known of Ayurveda and I believed that it is one of the best medicine in the world. Now I experienced it myself – Ayurveda helped me with the problems where other methods of treatment could not. I like the fact that Ayurveda causes the change of life style, and not just passively taking medication. Thank you!