Yoga is an ancient science, dating back thousands of years. It is the ultimate path to tranquility, mental balance and clarity. However, this is impossible without a healthy body and well-being. Ill health is the greatest barrier to a tranquil mind. Therefore, Yoga involves consideration of body health, and the various other factors that influence it, like diet and lifestyle as well.

The essence of classical yoga is the process of bringing the individual mind in tune with the cosmic mind.
— Jadranko Miklec, yoga teacher

Yoga offers valuable, unique, effective and rational methods and practices to regain and enhance health of the body and tranquility of the mind. The scope of Yoga is vast – there is always something to be offered to everyone, on every stage of the life.

In order to practice Yoga in a safe, effective and confident manner it is important to observe and identify special needs or conditions of the person. Yoga is a science of developing the mind and body, their perfect coordination and relationship with the environment, apart from any religion. Yoga can be practiced by any person, regardless of lifestyle, culture, religion etc.

Yoga classes

At the Center we offer classes of therapeutic yoga, aimed to correct ailments.

Our yoga teachers are knowledgeable Jadranko Miklec & Una Hajdarhodžić.

8 – 9 AM

6 -7 PM

Price: 350 kn per month

The classes are held in Lotus hall, in the attic of the Center.
Training clothes, good mood and a bottle of water is all that is needed.

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+385 1 4638 993, +385 91 4638 993,

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